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Pawas - Swami (saint) Swaroopanand
Pawas, a village with captivating natural beauty. This is a prime spiritual place in Ratnagiri district due to a very long stay of Swami (saint) Swaroopanand. Swami Swaroopanand was a follower of Warkari Sampraday ( Tradition).
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From Ratnagiri Railway Station=30 Km.
From Ratnagiri Bus Stand= 20 Km
The real name of Swamiji is Ramchandra but he was popularly and affectionately recognized as “Appa” or “Rambhau” . He born on 15th December 1903 at Pawas. His father’s name was Shri. Vishupant Godbole and mother’s name was Sou. Rakhamabai Godbole. Rambhau (Appa) had his primary education up to fifth standard at Pawas and secondary education at Ratnagiri. For his higher secondary education he had admitted to Aaryan Education Society’s high school at
Mumbai in 1919. The special “Spiritual and Religious training” was offered in this school.
Rambhau was fond of literatures and had command on Marathi and Sanskrit languages. He also had keen interest in famous Marathi drams. At the age of eighteen, Rambhau had started following the path of Mahatma Gandhiji ( The Father of Nation). Appa had an active part in various freedom fighting movements leaded by Mahatmaji like Khadi Movement, Non Co-operation Movement, Self independence Movement. From year 1920 to 1934 i.e. for 14 years, Rambhau lived his life for selfless social work. After his secondary education he came back to Pawas. After coming back, he had established a National school named “Swavalambashram” ( a place of self independence).
At the age of 20, Appa had taken the initiation (Dikshya) from his Guru Sadguru Babamaharaj Vaidya from Pune. From this point, his journey in the spiritual world had begaun. Appa was influenced by the great enlighten knowledge of his Sadguru (the Spiritual Master) and got the inspiration from him.
Appa found a great change in his life because of the spiritual knowledge and blessings of his Guru. He had a pure religious austerity after coming to Pawas. He had carefully learned the philosophy from Dasbodh, Dyaneshwari, Bhagawatam, Abhangas by many saints and upanishadas. (All these are scriptures from Hindu religion). After this there were many follower of Appa and his followers started calling him as Swamiji. Swamiji had given a Guru mantra of “Ram Krishna Hari” to his followers. Many followers chants this mantra for their advancement in the spiritual journey and for peace.
Swamiji had written many spiritual books. Some of them are
> Bhawarth Geeta
> Abhang Dyaneshwari
> Duji Shrushti
> Sanjeevani Gatha
> Amrut Dhara
How to reach Pawas?
Pawas is at a distance of approximately 20 kms from the city of Ratnagiri. A decent bus frequency is being maintained by MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation). From 6 o’ clock in the morning up to 9 pm there are many MSRTC buses at every 30 mins interval from Ratnagiri Bus stand to Pawas.
Information Compile By : Mrs. Neeta Teredesai, Ratnagiri.
At the age of 70, on 15th August 1974, Swamiji had Samadhi (Self immolation) at Pawas. His books and teachings will remain as an inspiration and guiding path for his followers for the ages to come.
In the premises of Swamiji’s beautiful temple at Pawas, there is a Dhyangumpha (Contemplation Room) and a Lord Ganeshji’s deity into a tree of Emlica. Swamiji’s home “Anant Niwas” is being preserved nicely by the temple trustees. The temple trustees celebrates many festivals like Swamiji’s Birth Day, Gurupoornima etc. Many followers not only from Ratnagiri but also from all parts of India believes in Swamiji’s Teachings.