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“Parshuram” a spiritual place situated between Mumbai - Goa National highway number 17. It is at a distance of 10km from chiplun towards mumbai. Old name for the village is “Pethe” hence sometimes this place is also called as “Pethe Parshuram”. The Village “Pethe Parshuram” is divided into two parts due to Mumbai - Goa Highway. One part of village is around the Parshuram temple & having 1500 population. The other part is situated near the river “Vashisthi” with 1200 population. Then is a short cut walk way of 3km length from chiplun. This way is through hilly region, called “pakhadi”, constructed by shri.Chandrakant more at the time of chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s rule.

A Sacred Spot- Parshuram
Parshuram village is situated at a height of more that 1000 feet from sea level. In many scriptures it has ben mentioned that, lord Parshuram stayed at “Mahendragiri” for his austerity after renunciation of his power. This Mahendragiri is nothing but “Parshuram” village.

As Lord Parshuram is immortal, it is assured that Lord stays at Mahendragiri & goes at Himalaya for austerity. From years together, the Devottees of Lord Parshuram are visiting this place & experiencing blissful life.

The Lord of kokan was created by Lord Parshuram. The Koli community believes in lord Parshuram as their protector & hence before sailing into sea for the first time on evry “Ashadhi Ekadashi” kolis worship lord Parshuram. Every year on “Aashadhi Ekadashi” many spiritual activities like “Harinam Sankirtan” are performed by Devottees.

Around 125 years ago, british governor “Crowford” has written a book named “Legend of Konkan”. In his book he made a special mention of Lord Parshuram. By reffering number of sanskrit scriptures & books, he stated Lord Parshuram as Lord of “Harijan” lord Parshuram is sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. During his incranation as lord parshuram,. He has protected common human beings from devils. He has created the beautiful land of konkan by reclaiming the sea
The dettees installed in the temple are made 300 years back. There is a “Hanuman” temple within the promises of Parshuram temple. This temple is “Hanuman” themple within the promises of Parshuram temple. This temple is constructed by “Samarth Ramdas Swami” when he was here at parshuram with Ch.Shivaji Maharaj. Also there are so many other small temples of Lord Ganesha, Ganga Devi etc. There is a small pond named “Banganga” with a beatiful garden.
Parshuram village
The dettees
As far as the development of village “Pethe Parshuram” is concern, there are four primary, & two english medium & one Marathi medium Secodary School. Also there are many industries like near village Parshuram. Taj Group of hotels is having one five Star hotel near the Temple. Visitors can get a good quality accommodation & konkani food at chiplun which is only 10km away & Railway stations is 7km away from temple premises.