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Shri Dev (God) Bhairav
The Tutelar Divinity of Ratnagiri.
Dev Bhairav is the Demy God from the lineage of Lord Shiva. The ancient temple of Shri Bhairav is constructed by Gujar family members. Gujar family members were very brave and warrior like Chuohan, Rajput, Parmar and Rathod families from Rajashthan. During the attack by Mughals these families shifted towards the southern part of India. Out of these Gujar and Aangre settled down near to the west coast of India. After the death of Chatrapati.
Sambhiji Maharaj (Son of Ch. Shivaji Maharaj), Kanoji Angre was the chieftain of fleet of warships. His son Sekhoji (Sakharam) visited ratnagiri fort and constructed a temple of Goddess Bhagawati. Five Gujar families settled down at Rantagiri for their business and they had constructed the temple of God Bhairav and Lord Vitthal at Ratnagiri. This is being still proved by a printed copper plate at Lord Vitthal Temple at Ratnagiri. There is a home of Shri. Kakasaheb Gujar in the premises of Shri. Bhairav Temple. The Bhairi Temple is constructed much before the Lord Vitthal Temple.
After the death of Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj, Aurangjeb came to the south and within the small time span he had ruined the Aadilshahi of Vijapur. From the age of Aadilshah Sawant family members from Zadgaon were the administrators (Khot) of Ratnagiri. All these Sawant family members were devotes of God Bhairav. During there rule many festivals were organized in the Brairav Temple. In the year 1976, there was an authorized Trust named ‘Shri. Dev Bhairee, Jogeshwari, Navalai-Pawanai, Trunabindukeshwar Trust’ was formed. This trust was registered in the year 1976
Dev Bhairav is a prime God for the people of Rajasthan state. This God is known by two names in Rajasthan as Kalbhairav and Gorabhairav. Not only Hindus but also devotees from Jain and Islam religion worship Dev Bhairav. Dev Bhairav is also known as “Ashtabhairav” in Indian scriptures. “Ashta” is a Sanskrit word which means eight. This God is having eight different names as follows
• Asitang
• Sanhar
• Ruru
• Kal
• Krodh
• Tamrachood
• Chandrachood
• Mahabhairav

All these names are from Sanskrit.
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  Ratnagiri City
From Ratnagiri Railway Station=12 Km.
From Ratnagiri Bus Stand= 2.5 Km
Every year temple trustee celebrates many festivals. Some of them are
• Chitra Pornima (The very first day of Hindu calendar)
• Narali pornima (A special festival of fishermen)
• Navaratri (A festival of Godness Jogeshwari)
• Kartikee Ekadashi
• Dipawali (the festival of light)
• Dattajayanti (the birthday of Lord Datta)
• Bhairav Jayanti ( the birthday of Dev Bhairav)
• Holi
People from ratnagiri believe in Dev Bhairav and many devotees takes active part in the celebration of all the festivals organized by the trust.
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