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Information technology has touched every corner of life. Every business activity is now being supported by the internet technology. Internet technology has been used very successfully for conventional and non conventional business activities. Internet is being used extensively in India nowadays. The changing scenario clearly indicates that the internet is the prime need for the business world as well as for other related activities of human life.
Advertisement is the backbone for every business. Internet technology has offered a very cheap, reliable and global media for the advertisement sector. Many reputed organizations are approaching their customers through internet. Apart from pure advertisements, Internet is providing the facilitates like online trading, cash transactions etc. The Internet advertisement (Online) are having many advantages over conventional ways of advertisements (hard copy advertising like newspapers, magazines etc). The online advertisements are global, cheap, reliable, advance, and dynamic compared to conventional media.
With all this is mind, we are introducing an attractive and affordable advertisement plans for our clients. These advertisements will be linked to our website www.ratnagirinfo.com.
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Advertisement Plans
For one year single page package (Including Subdomain)
(Inc. Registration, Web page designing and hosting)
We are offering the following services to our clients for the advertisement
Web page designing
Hosting of the web page
Data compilation
Data translation ( the customer may supply his data in regional languages)
Data formatting
Best quality Digital Photography